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These putters come from the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio. They are all unique and carefully finished into a work of art.
856 RARE Garage Masterful GSS w/Miss Lena Neck & Exotic Gator Grip - COA# A035324

This very unique S. Cameron Scotydale Garage Masterful GSS comes in a Tour Black finish with a Miss Lena neck. It features a welded sight dot, 029 and a SC Monogram stamped in the cavity. The bumpers are stamped with Scoty and Dale, and the face heel is stamped with a vertical stamped S. Cameron and a 3-point crowned Scripted T on the face toe. The sole is stamped with Miss Lena G.S.S. on the toe end, and a 3-Point SCG Crown on the heel end. A stainless steel shaftband is also prominent on the putter along with the Exotic Alligator grip in Tiffany Blue color.

Price: $15,000.00        * Free Shipping!
853 Silver Mist Futura T5M w/Green Paint - COA# A036889

This is the all-new Futura T5M Tour in a Silver Mist Finish and has black a Top Line for additional alignment. The face has been machine milled and has three green bombs in the cavity and two large 20g Circle T sole weights along with a Circle T engraved on the Face Heel. Engravings also include Scotty Cameron, T5M, For Tour Use Only, and a green Circle T on the sole plate. All engravings have green or white paintfill.

Price: $2,500.00        * Free Shipping!
848 2017 Futura T5MB in Silver Mist with Top Line - COA# A036848

This is the new Futura T5MB in a Silver Mist finish. The body features a white top line for additional alignment. The black anodized 6061 aluminum face is a complete modern classic from the sole up and features Scotty Cameron on the face heel. The sole is machined with a Circle T, Scotty Cameron, For Tour Use Only, T5MB and has 2-20 gram sole weights.

Price: $2,500.00        * Free Shipping!
836 GSS Timeless w/ 6 Deluxe Stamps in Cavity - COA# A035646

This Timeless GSS comes in a Sllver Mist finish and features a number of stamps in the cavity. These stamps include a Smiley Face, Circle T, Peace Symbol, HHH, "Tour" with a Scripted "T" and "GSS" in descending font sizes. The Circle T also features a slight double-stamp to add additional character and uniqueness. The putter has a black sight dot in addition to hand milling and "Scotty Cameron" in Large and Small Font on the heel face. "For Tour Use Only," "GSS," and "350" are all stamped on the tri-sole toe end. All stampings have the tour red or black paintfill.

Price: $8,000.00        * Free Shipping!
834 Concept I w/GSS Insert and Green Paintfill - COA# A035303

This Concept 1 features the classic Silver Mist finish, with a silver GSS insert on the face and a black flangeline. The face features tour milling, three green tour bombs in the cavity with a Circle T in the far left and a Green Circle T on the face heel. The sole is engraved with Scotty Cameron Concept 1, For Tour Use Only, a Green Circle T, and 2-20g weights.

Price: $3,000.00        * Free Shipping!
819 Silver Mist Timeless SSS Newport 2 w/Scotty Dog stamp - COA# A032047

This Tour Classic Timeless in SSS features three Blue paint-filled Bombs in the cavity and a matching flangeline. The tour milled face has a hand stamped dancing Scotty Cameron and Circle T and a Scotty Dog. The sole is stamped with a Circle T, 'Tour Use Only' as well as SSS and 340, all with blue paintfill.

Price: $3,500.00        * Free Shipping!
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